Artist's Statement

Several years ago, my sculptural works took a definite trend to the mathematical. Geometric forms began to dominate, and I now find myself fascinated by the possibilities inherent in the most basic of forms: circle, triangle, and rectangle.

My works transcend these Euclidian forms by bending, warping and fastening them into unexpected shapes and surprising relationships. I love transforming heavy metal plate into organic configurations emanating vital strength.

I often wake in the middle of the night full of creative energy, and run to the studio as my mind processes and manipulates geometric forms and mathematical surfaces. I cut, bend and weld steel with a passion driven by the need to physically realize what I so clearly see in my mind.

While the resulting maquette might weigh as much as 50 pounds and would be appreciated by many as a finished piece, it is but a fraction the size of what I envision as its final form.

I am aware of the negative spaces only after construction of the piece, and consider them as serendipitous aftereffects. There is so much more to the piece than its structure. Much of the beauty is in the shadows cast and the changing organic negative spaces.

Much of the appeal is in consideration of the structure itself; the mass, the weight, the innate strength, the balance. How were the parts cut and formed, transported and erected?

Some of my current works are designed to revolve or pivot. Many are wind driven while others are hand or motor driven. These too have their origins in mathematics. My larger pieces are fabricated from steel or aluminum plate, while stainless steel, silicon bronze and copper are often used on the medium sized works. A variety of finishes are used, from natural rust to high quality powder coatings in vibrant colors.